Summer Art Workshop


New Body Of Work

This past winter provided inspiration for a new body of work. While the snowfall wasn’t unusually heavy, the ground was consistently covered with snow.  The landscape was reduced to a narrow range of values which afforded the textures of the fields and trees a feeling of heightened contrast.

Having always loved the softness of Sumi Ink when applied in a combination of layered washes and rapid spontaneous brush work, the coupling of subject and medium was a no-brainer.  I began with a small sketchbook, a few favorite brushes, ink and water and set out in the mornings to see what chance would bring.  After filling the sixty page sketchbook, I settled into the studio to see what my experiences would yield.

Working on a variety of handmade papers ranging in size from 2”X 3” TO 30”X 60”, I spent most of the winter  exploring  the magic of ink and paper.  By the time winter ended, I had covered the studio walls with sixty-five new works and had discovered a more deeply felt connection between eye and hand.

I hope you enjoy the ones I have chosen to share with you.

Solo Exhibition at the Butler Institute of Fine Arts

Main Gallery, Butler Institute of American Art, Warren, OH

I am honored to have been given a solo exhibition at the Trumbull branch of
the Butler Institute of American Art in Howland Township, OH.

The exhibition will open on September 16th, 2012 and will run through
November 27, 2012.  A meet the artist reception will be held on Sunday, September 16th from 1-3 PM.   The facility is a beautiful contemporary space with one
large gallery and two small ones.

I will be showing large scale oils ranging in size from 36 x 48 to 60 x 98.
I have been given the entire space, so approximately 25 to 30 pieces will be
required. Though some are finished, many of the largest remain to be

I’ve put a few of the finished pieces on this page and will continue to add more
as we approach the opening of the exhibition.

Also featured in the exhibition will be several major works from the Jerald
Melberg Gallery in Charlotte, NC as well as from the James Gallery in
Pittsburgh, PA.

Main Gallery Alcove Butler Institute of American Art , Warren, OH

The Butler Institute, known as “America’s Museum” was the first museum in
the country devoted entirely to the collection of American Art. While it’s
permanent collection is large and varied, it’s cornerstone is painting of
the 19th and early 20th century. Many icons of this period are included
such as: Winslow Homer’s Snap the Whip, Robert Vonnoh’s Flander’s
Field-Where Soldiers Sleep and Poppies Grow, William Trost Richards’ Land’s
End, Cornwall and Hazy Morning, Montclair, New Jersey a major work by
George Inness.

You can visit the website of the Butler Institute of American Art here.

New Painting: WILD CHERRY GROVE OC 50×60 2012


New Painting: EVENING-RANDALL’S HILLSIDE OC 50×72 2012


New Painting – August Evening oc 24×48

August Evening oc 24x48

Here’s a new painting that will be on display at my solo exhibit at the Butler starting September 16th.  Watch this page for more new painting as we approach the opening.